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hp_laughs's Journal

Harry Potter Humor Fest
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hp humor fest

As many of you may know, the Harry Potter fandom is lacking a humor fest.
Seriously. There are some humor archives but no fests.
So, we're bringing back funny.
This fandom can have a good time and let's show that through fic and art!

-All pairings and characters from the Harry Potter universe are welcome.
-Crossovers are allowed but a character from Harry Potter has to be part of the main focus.
-Humor has to be the main focus of your fic/art
-minimum of 500 words and 300x500px.
Please read the complete rules for a more detailed overview.

Prompting: May 1- June 27
Claiming: July 3 - July 24
Creating: August 3 - October 1
Posting: October 10 - ???

*you can start creating your works as soon as you get your prompt confirmation, which will be out by August 3 at the latest, depending on how late you claim.

if you'd like to affiliate, contact slytheringurrl

rules and faq // banners // leave a prompt